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ADAMS Automobile i. Gr. for Production of
Hyper-Luxury-Sport-SUV-Limousines with environmentally
friendly Methanol-Fuel-Cell-System


We are planning in Saarland
(federal state in south-western Germany)
an automobile production of highly qualitative,
environmentally friendly and extremely
top-performing Hyper-Luxury-Sport-SUV-Limousines
with excellent design and very efficient technology

ADAMS Automobile_E1
ADAMS Automobile_E2

Our efficient system allows performance offer up to 4800 HP.
Further power increase is being planned

We offer our customers in the future extremely powerful,
extremely fast, very luxurious and sport
Hyper-Luxury-Sport-SUV-Limousines that are environmentally friendly.

Measurements: Hyper-Luxury-Sport-SUV-Limousine

ADAMS Automobile_E3
ADAMS Automobile_E4
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